AJ Nelson - Back Down

AJ Nelson’s recent progress in the music industry is unimaginable. After successfully hitting the music scene with two songs this year, he comes out with another great single featuring wonder kid, K_Danso. This latest is titled “Back Down”.

AJ Nelson explained what “Back Down” means…..“Back Down means I‘ve come too far to turn back. Stick and stones can break my bones but words can’t hurt me. It’s a ghetto anthem for the youth who wants to get off their asses to do something because I believe God created us in His own image therefore he loves us equally.

If God created us in His own image and love us as His own people, I don’t see the reason why you should look down upon yourself and say I can’t hold on anymore. Hustle is part of life, after all our sins and iniquities, God is still holding on to us”.

When asked about his new collaboration with K_Danso, he disclosed…… “K_Daanso is a talent. K_Daanso can do everything….he can do dancehall, hilife afro-pop etc and he has his mixtape album out titled “Fully Bad”. You know I don’t just work with any ordinary artiste, I work with artiste that have talents and longevity in the industry. Dancehall fans should watchout for him”.

“The beginning of this year, I promised my fans to do lots of collaborations and I’m on the same course. I have collaborated with Luther, Jay Ghartey, K_Daanso, and currently working with Knii Lantey etc. I’m also working on a new collaboration titled “Pioneers” featuring Okyeame Kwame, Cy Lover and Reggie Rockstone. After “Back Down” I’m releasing a new song titled “mama Africa’ featuring Congolese international Nelson Manora. Nelson has worked with Kofi Olimede, Canda Bongoman, Awilo and many more. He’s a song writer, a guitarist and a performer”….he promised his fans.

“Back Down” is expected to hit the street, online and radio this week.

Source: David Mawuli, Thinkghmusic.com


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