AJ Nelson
AJ Nelson

Glamorized to hit the top spot, AJ Nelson bounces back with a new Raggae single titled “Still Stronger” featuring another great talent popularly known by his show-biz name Luther. His latest fully packed Raggae flavour aims to bridge the gap between him and his competitors.

After the success of his double love songs, “So In love” featuring the R&B superstar Jay Ghartey and “One To Love You” featuring Lady Jay, he has vouched to never be reliant. After surviving what I describe as a catastrophic moments and conundrum in his music career throughout the 2013/2014 music year, AJ Nelson is now fully seen in a perfect shape.

Ghanaians are yet to enjoy the typical extrasolar Hip-hop eruption from the self-acclaimed King of B/A with his new introduction typical African Hip-hop/R&B combined masterpieces. His resilience over the years has won him the hearts of most Hip-Hop music lover across the globe.

The song’s official release is sated on Saturday 21st June, 2014. AJ is expected to launch the song on Antoine’s Entlive show on Live FM, Dr. Pounds’ Hip-hop GH show on Plus FM and Campus Express show on Y FM hosted by Joel including City, Radio XYZ and X FM.

Another good news is his new collaboration with Congolese star Nelson Manora which would be release after the world cup.

“Before Hip-hop, I was listening to Raggae. I was inspired by Raggae. To be able to cut your message across, Raggae song is the easiest channel to use. Michael Jackson was big. He could sing and dance at the same time. Bob Marley was also because he has message in his song. He died 32 years ago but we are still enjoying his music. So, I want to use Raggae song to carry out my message” AJ Nelson disclosed.

“No matter the pressure and oppression, you don’t have to give up because only you know where you are heading to. We need to pray for Jah’s guidance” he concluded.

AJ Nelson dedicate this Raggae song to the Ghana Black Stars and all Ghanaian’s who are fervently behind the Black Stars.


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