CFTS started as an online media based organization in the summer of 2011 that aimed at grouping together the stories of untold experiences, with the talents of the city’s very own actors/actresses, whilst aiming to be influential in the overall change of public opinion concerning the social issues filmed. CFTS uses all social media networks as a tool of influence and have a great following on Facebook,, Twitter, and of course the Media Corporation’s website,


Confessions from the Streets’ Motive & Statement

Behind every human being there is a story.  There is a reason for decisions made and words said.  There are divine interventions of lives lived and roads traveled  Confessions from the Street (CFTS) is an online theatrical production house that aims to bring light to roads less traveled, yet choices and lives often frowned upon.

Why? What is the significance of these stories?

CFTS on FB is the stepping stone towards something greater, something on higher levels of enlightenment. In relation to the stories told through the skits, CFTS aims at creating a different narrative, an unheard voice and point of reference for these stories frequently heard. It’s to help people see, feel, and understand the human being behind these scenarios. The heart that beats inside the presumed monster society is quick to label via acts of experience.


What is the ultimate goal?

To open people’s minds to the world in which we live in.  We as humans have an innate nature to be inquisitive and question what is seen and heard, and within society come the acculturated sense of entitlement to judge those things seen and heard that we innately question. We are all guilty of it, it doesn’t make us bad people, it makes us humans. But with these skits presented by CFTS we want the human being to enact on another intrinsic emotion sympathy.  Look at these stories from other spectrums and realize that nothing is what is seems, and life deserves a second glance.


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