CKi’s Rainwater Harvesting System in Accra, Ghana
Come celebrate the holiday festivities by joining us on Saturday November 26 at the Stephen Bulger Gallery in raising funds to bring a rainwater harvesting system to St Moses School in the community of Chokor. Challenged Kids International (CKi) is a nongovernmental organization which encourages children facing economical, social health, physical, and mental challenges to see beyond their disabilities and strive to achieve their personal goals in life. The organization works with challenged kids in the developing world.

Our objectives are to support education, nutritious eating, and micro-enterprise in the developing world.
On Saturday November 26, 2011 at the Stephen Burgler Gallery (downtown Toronto), CKi will be hosting
a fundraiser with the aim to raise sufficient monetary means to implement a rainwater harvesting system in the village of Chokor. Chokor is an impoverished community situated in Accra Ghana. The rainwater harvesting system will water the vegetation garden CKi has implemented. This vegetation provides nutritious food such as carrot and lettuce, to the children of the community.

The rainwater harvesting system is the collection of rainwater from the roof of a building. The collected water may have debris and dirt so it is filtered and then stored for use. The collected rainwater can be used to water gardens and for washing. In some places, the water is sterilized by boiling to be used for cooking and as drinking water. The fundraiser will highlight key note speaker, Claire Rodger – Director at Gardening Angel Horticulture Inc. As a recipient of the environmental award of excellence in 2008, Ms. Rodger is an environmental leader whose achievements have lead and continue to lead to a greener and healthier Toronto. The night will be lined up with performances by live Congolese music band, JCarre Music, and live jazz artist, Luwam Tomas.

$25 per ticket includes:
Live performances
Finger food – Cash bar – Game prizes
Time – Saturday Nov 26, 2011 from 7-10pm at Stephen Bulger Gallery –
1026 Queens St West – Toronto, M6J 1H6

Online ticket purchase –
Print ticket purchase – Email: or Call: 647-883-0701
For more information please visit



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