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The minority leader in parliament Mr. Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu, has reminded Ghanaians to take a look at the economic hardships they are going through and compare it to the better living conditions they enjoyed under the New Patriotic Party and make a good judgment come next election.

In other note, he has charged the electorate to make a good decision come 2012 general elections by changing the NDC government by voting massively for the NPP to continue its quality leadership governance from 2013.

Mr. Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu, was addressing members of the Toronto chapter of the NPP at North Kipling Community Centre when they held a dance and chat event to raise funds to support their mother party back home in Ghana over the weekend.

The minority leader, who doubles as the MP for Suame in the Ashanti Region, stated that Ghanaians need not to suffer from economic hardship at a point where the New Patriotic Party it took over from had set the economic sailing smoothly before leaving office.

However, the economic hardships have come about as a result of the NDC government under the president of Professor John Evans Atta Mills, constricting the economy of the country thereby creating hard living conditions for the ordinary Ghanaian making it important to change it come 2012.

In his own words he said it will be wrong for one to totally say that the government of the NDC[2] under president Mills has not and is not doing anything at all as is currently touring some parts of the country commissioning some projects.



But he went back to lash the government and the president, by saying but most of the projects he has commissioned and continues to commission were all started by the NPP government under the former president J.A.Kufuor.

“It will be wrong for me or any other person to say the government has not and is not doing anything at all. But as a party which is much concern about the living conditions of the people by providing development projects to their benefits, we feel that the present NDC government should have been able to do far better than what it is doing now” he stated.

Accordingly, there were bold interventions that were taken by former president Kufuor that made the living conditions of the ordinary people better such as the NYEP, NHIS, and construction of roads to link farming communities to regional capitals for transportation of food stuffs.

He noted that since the president took over power, he has not been paying much attention to these bold interventions that were taken by former president Kufuor but turn his attention to commissioning of projects that are not presently benefiting the people in anyway.

Mr. Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu,  raised the marks of his political party [NPP] higher as he said that on all fronts, it has indicated to Ghanaians and the world at large that it was better managers of the economy more than the NDC government and that the good people of Ghana should trust the economy into their hands for better handling ones again.



The law maker revealed that another slogan of the NDC is that the NPP gurus are corrupt but he can raise his hand and bet on his last penny to his constituency that he has not stolen a dime from any kitty.

” They were pointing accusing fingers at us but now see they have built mansions in two years and the government has not won even one case in the law court against the NPP so which party is corrupt?” he quizzed.

Atta Mills has raised the bar higher with double tongue. We must be careful not to say the government is corrupt. But there is empirical evidence that there are series of corruption in the system, the minority leader held.

The Consul General Mr. Kodjo Mawutor, who spoke on behalf of the High Commissioner Dr.Frank Turkson, observed that is due to service to humanity that some people align themselves with political parties and not for their personal interests as some people is making us to believe wrongly.

He pleaded with all politicians to serve humanity with respect, humility purposefulness as by so doing all can achieve the needed peace we crave for in our lives saying, “I charge you to discharge your political duties without any anger hatred or misunderstanding because we want peace”.

Earlier in a welcome address, the acting chairman Mr. Alex Baning in absence of the chairman Mr. Augustine Opoku Agyeman, expressed the joy of the chapter since it was the first time it was organizing a fund raising without the presence of the flag bearer.

He was however sad to note that the chapter has always depended on the generosity of the executive committee and a few committed members who could be described as the stalwarts of the chapter.

Mr. Baning regretted to announce that dues paid by members had been woefully inadequate to sustain the chapter as the executives operated upon the sacrificial donations made by these stalwart members.

The acting chairman reminded members that the NPP’s campaign for operation 2012 has started in Ghana and therefore needed the funds of expected 50,000 Canadian Dollars to help the party win and win hands down as both the flag bearer and the parliamentary candidates have all been elected already.

The chapter recognized the good work done by the former chairman McDonald Agbenyo which it awarded accordingly for his excellence in the party’s leadership.



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