HOMOWOSource: Reggie Tagoe (rtagoe@live.com)

The Italian city Modena will on Saturday July 20 witness another glamorous occasion of the Ghanaian culture with pomps and pageantry as Ga-Dagmes (natives of Greater Accra Region in Ghana) in Italy celebrate their annual Festival – Homowo.

For the second time in the suburb of Modena – Sassuolo, the Festival is likely to attract a lot of people, both Ghanaians and Italians, with special invited guests from Ghana and Europe.

Present will be Teddy Adjanor (from UK), Nii Adjei Kraku II (Chief of Tema, Ghana), Nii Adote Otinto II (Chief of Ga-Sempe in Ghana), Naa Aku Shika Omadro (Queenmother of Sempe in Ghana – resident in UK), Esther Naa Ogbedee (Teshie, Ghana), Naa Tsotsoo Soyoo I (UK), Awuley Doku (UK), Naa Komeitsoo Okpoti (from Hamburg-Germany), Asafoianye Naa Kai Kortu I (Tema, Ghana), Asafoanye Naa Agbo (from Tema – Ghana), Gifty Boi bi Boi (from Tema – Ghana), Naa Dede Akrong (from La – Accra, Ghana), Robert Okoe Lokko (Teshie – Ghana).

Ghana’s Ambassador to Italy, Her Excellency Mrs. Anita Evelyn Stokes-Hayford, will also grace the event with her presence.

Teddy Adjanor who will chair the occasion will speak on the plight of the less privileged children in Ghana. According to spokesperson of the GaDangme Association in Modena, Nii Sowah Klu, the theme of this year’s festival is: Relieve the Less Privileged Children in Ghana. The aim of organising such an occasion, according to him, is to create awareness of the plight of the less privileged children in Ghana and how to save them from their plight, to promote and portray the culture and traditions of the Ga-dangme people and also integration between Italians and the black immigrants resident in Italy.

A special meeting prior to the event has been arranged between the Sassuolo Municipal Assembly led by Claudio Corado and the Ghana Ambassador to Italy and its agenda will focus on promoting Ga-Dangme for the occasion – prepared from corn flour on the day of celebration of the Festival). Three other Ga-Dangme Associations in Italy from Vicenza, Brescia and Treviso will also be present to give the occasion a special treat of traditional drumming and dancing of the Ga-Dangmeg trade and tourism from Italy to Ghana. The event will be climaxed with sprinkling of ‘Kpokpoi’ (a special food of the people of -people.


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