Citi Business News has gathered Ministry of Transport and the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority have succeeded in getting local airlines to fly into Nigeria.

The two entities have for the past year battled without any success, to get Nigerian authorities to allow Ghanaian domestic airline operators to ply the various Accra-Nigeria routes despite having two of their local airlines Arik Air and Aero flying into Ghana.

Nigeria, which is a signatory to the Yamoussoukro declaration that commits 44 countries to deregulate air services, and promote regional air markets open to transnational competition, had earlier refused to allow Ghana in.

But the Director-General of the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority Air Commodore (rtd) Kwame Mamphey told Citi Business News, fly 540 has gotten the licence to begin flying in, and Antrak air is to follow soon.

Last week there was a team of inspectors from Nigeria to inspect Antrak air to be able to go into Nigeria and fly 540 has been given permission to fly into Nigeria. The others are having challenges, we have communicated with the Nigerians to come in and do similar inspections, but they are not coming

Air Commodore (rtd) Kwame Mamphey said, he is hopeful all local airlines will be allowed in Nigeria soon, failure to which Ghana may have to take the necessary action.

We have discussed it thoroughly, and the transport ministry very soon is going to take an action which will make the Nigerians reconsider their decision. These issues are on a reciprocal basis, and if that is not happening we will advise ourselves.

We are hoping in about two months, everything will be settled.


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