Given the current state of the global economy which has given rise to ‘occupy type’ upheavals owing to the unfair distribution of wealth globally, a group of Ghanaian professional who have found success in their respective worlds of business have decided to share the secrets of their success with Ghanaians living in the United Staes of America by organizing the maiden edition of the 1st Annual Ghanaian Wealth Seminar Series (AGWSS) in Maryland USA.

This first ever event will happen this weekend on December 17, 2011 at the Holiday Inn on 2 Montgomery Avenue in Gaithersburg Maryland 20879 and would start from 10am in the morning and run through 2pm in the noon. Being the premier event, the organizers decided to adopt an open door invite by granting free admission to every one who is interested in attending.

Patrick Sarfo Adu, one of the coordinators of the event who is highly excited about it says the occasion will provide an opportunity for businesses and individuals in the world of business to meet and share ideas as well as network among themselves and share their expertise and experiences with their colleagues both in and out of the business world. The objective will be to empower all who attend to strive to live debt free in 2012 and onwards.

The event will be a nursery grounds for professionals and non professionals alike to learn how to build true wealth from top successful Ghanaian business owners in the USA. Participants and attendants will have the benefit of learning how to be their own bosses, earning extraordinary incomes, starting their own businesses and gearing towards making multiple streams of income!

Among those expected to present and share at this first ever AGWSS will be accomplished and established entrepreneurs and business men and women of Ghanaian origin in the USA like, Desmond Boateng, Bernard Akowuah, Pascal Asiedu, and Doris Annokye among a whole host of others.

A one time real estate agent who has been assisting people to acquire houses in the American mortgage industry, Patrick Sarfo Adu; also a presenter and coordinator of the AGWSS believes this event will be a success. Patrick expects a very decent attendance owing to the benefits the seminar seeks to offer participants, some of which will be providing the knowledge and power to allow people decide where they want to work and when they desire to work.

The entire Ghanaian community in the USA’s Maryland, District of Columbia and Maryland is urged to participate in this seminar as well as other members of the African community and business world. We will bring you more information on how this occasion went and the rate of success it achieves.


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