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QUEST: K-unit is your stage name . K-unit does it mean. is it a group too?

ANS: K-UNIT means Kwahu United and its a group

QUEST: How is the hip life battle treating you?

ANS: As upcoming artistes we find it very difficult in recording music without a producer and also many presenters in Ghana do not play the promo cd’s. Also some engineers do not respect us cos we r underground musicians.

QUEST: When did you start doing music ?

ANS: We started in 1999 at Kwahu.

QUEST: How many songs have you recorded and released so far ?

ANS: We have recorded 13 tracks but has released only one of them that’s ”i no go pay”

QUEST: Ghana has vast talent . Who do you take to be your best male and female musicians ?

ANS: Guru and Mzbel

QUEST: Beefing is the order of the day . Which musicians are you beefing with currently or have a problem with ?

ANS: No we don’t have any beef with any musicians and don’t want too have too.

QUEST:Are you signed to any music label and if yes how is this helping you?

ANS: No boss we’ve not signed for any label yet.

QUEST: Where do you see yourself in three years from now?

ANS: By next three years we would be on top of the best of musicians in the world and we will be representing GH for real

QUEST: The title of the song ‘i no go pay’ , why did you choose that title and what does it mean to you?

ANS: Boss u know in this world most women rely on men but still not faithful. we took ”I NO PAY” at the tittle to tell the women we wont pay if they aren’t faithful to we the guys.

QUEST: Are there any artists you look forward to working with in the future ?

ANS: Yes we r looking forward to work with some artiste like Sarkodie, Bradez, Eazzy, Wande Coal of Nigeria and Jay-z of U.S

QUEST: In your opinion , how does being a solo artist differ from being a part of a group ? Which do you prefer ?

ANS: From my opinion, solo artiste is one person making music but for the group you know two heads a better than. Being part of a group with one aim helps cos u can share ideas in writing the music. I prefer being in the group than a single artiste.

QUEST: What do you hope fans will take away from this song ?

ANS: We hope our fans will take our message thats ” I NO GO PAY” meaning they should be-careful of unfaithful women or money lovers

QUEST: What is something most people don ’ t know about K-unit ?

ANS: Most people do not know the meaning of K-UNIT and our aim

QUEST: Fans want to know , besides your new single what ’ s next for you?

ANS: Besides our new single, we will be coming up with a lot of interesting titles concerning personal life’s of people

QUEST: What upcoming projects can we look forward to ?

ANS: We willl be bring a lot of underground musicians to the industries so look forward to that.


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