jd1Actress and television hostess Joselyn Dumaswas ‘embarrassed’ after falling on stage last Sunday during the shooting and recording of Channel O’s O News Live in Ghana.

O News Live is a celebrity entertainment show which brings viewers the latest in local and international celebrity news. Ghanaian music and movie stars attended the event powered at Vodafone at Silver Star South Terrace in Accra.

One of the funny moments as witnessed was when Channel O’s VJ, Denrele Edun who co-hosted the event invited on stage Joselyn Dumas and her fellow actress Yvonne Okoro for an interaction.

In a Truth or Dare segment, Joselyn offered to be dared. Denrele then took off his gigantic shoes and dared her to wear, which she did. Joselyn walked and danced in the shoes for a while and then the unfortunate happened when she couldn’t move again and fell heavily on the stage.

“So how do you walk in this (referring to the shoes)” asked Joselyn after managing to get up with the help of the host, Denrele then replied “Fashion is pain.”

For coming weeks, the fall will be trending. Check out the pictures!!!



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