Maddhaus All Stars - Brighter Day
Maddhaus All Stars – Brighter Day

Aik Livingston’s Maddhaus Incorporated record label artistes have integrated into the Ghana music industry with an emphatic vigour and enthusiasm. The Maddhause All Stars consist of 9 inspirational, self-motivated, powerful and yet discovered talents under the same record label. These artistes have both local and international flair and can perform indigenous genres such as Hip-Hop, Hiplife, Highlife, R&B, Afro-pop etc.

The group comprises of the most controversial up-coming star Kay Wusu, Highlife highly gifted Assan Qoma, the rap magician Dein, silky voice performer Jay O, T. Factor, Faisal, Bibini, Bra Awuah and Mike Feli.

The rendition of their Afro-pop/Hiplife genres of music demonstrate a vivid upliftment of the Ghana music industry through their master class debut single titled “Brighter Day”. With the combination of their diverse ethnic backgrounds, creativity and intellectualism plus professional variation on “Brighter Day” leaves every first listener in awe of great pleasure.

The tune and lyrics of “Brighter Day” epitomizes the inevitable typical Afro-pop/Hiplife flavour many Ghanaian music-lovers are exposed to. It’s a true reflection of African music ingenuity with the mixture of various local musical instruments.

The official video for “Brighter Day” overwhelmingly received a 1,000 plus views within the first week of release on Youtube. What separates Maddhaus All Stars from other music groups in Ghana is their versatility and ability to create different genres of music to cater to a diverse fan base.

In an oversaturated industry of Entertainment, this upcoming female rapper Dein distinguishes herself from the rest as a consistent artiste performing rhyming swag of English and twi, leaving her listeners in awe of the infinite pleasant sounding quality of hits that she provides.

As a result of the versatility in the group, their audience consists of a diverse group of people from different age groups in and outside Ghana.


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