Nigeria won its first African Cup of Nations title since 1994, beating Burkina Faso 1-0 Sunday on Sunday Mba’s left-footed volley off a rebound in the 40th minute.
Nigeria coach Stephen Keshi captained the Super Eagles when they won in 1994. Nigeria also won the title in 1980.
Following its victory before a crowd of about 87,000 at Soccer City, 52nd-ranked Nigeria advanced to a first-round group with Spain, Uruguay and Tahiti at June’s FIFA Confederations Cup in Brazil.
Burkina Faso, ranked 92nd, was seeking its first title.
List of Africa Cup of Nations champions:

1957: Egypt
1959: Egypt
1962: Ethiopia
1963: Ghana
1965: Ghana
1968: Zaire
1970: Sudan
1972: Congo Brazzaville
1974: Zaire
1976: Morocco
1978: Ghana
1980: Nigeria
1982: Ghana
1984: Cameroon
1986: Egypt
1988: Cameroon
1990: Algeria
1992: Ivory Coast
1994: Nigeria
1996: South Africa
1998: Egypt
2000: Cameroon
2002: Cameroon
2004: Tunisia
2006: Egypt
2008: Egypt
2010: Egypt
2012: Zambia
2013: Nigeria
7: Egypt
4: Cameroon, Ghana
3: Nigeria
2: Zaire
1: Algeria, Congo Brazzaville, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Morocco, South Africa, Sudan, Tunisia, Zambia
Note: Zaire renamed Democratic Republic of Congo


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