ODF clothing brings new ideas and designs, which will attract a different market altogether. ODF was rebranded as One Diverse Fashion by young entrepreneur Nicholas Supanova Dex Amfo. The clothing range takes inspiration from nature and music and is described as merging classical concept with today’s style.


In order to increase brand awareness ODF clothing has hosted events such as Rip the Runway UK, which was launched to raise money for charity and gathering awareness using up and coming designers and artists, and Roots of Fashion, which is related to black history month, both events were huge successes with future shows being inevitable.

The clothing designs are contemporary yet highly fashionable and embrace the idea of simplicity. The initiative behind the designs is to create tasteful street wear which attracts a diverse market, the alternative meaning for ODF original, diverse and fresh reflects how the creators want the brand to be perceived. The latest clothing range features a new embroidered emblem, which helps to make the product stand out and gives the designs more of an appeal. This is especially visible on the polo shirts making them both a smart and casual item of clothing for both a male and female audience and ideal for any wardrobe. Smile for the haters was another popular range from ODF with previous customers. Through constantly creating new slogans and designs this allows ODF to remain up to date and the next step for the brand is to generate more awareness, hosting more events around the UK, and keep producing highly fashionable designs. The brand has already worked closely with a number of charities and hopes to branch out as charitable foundation in the future.


Glimpses of the clothing range can be found on their website which is due to launch at the end of September In the meantime more information about the brand can be found on their facebook page or twitter.  @ODFClothingUK



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