Hon. A. Raynell Andreyehuk a senator introducing a conleague to President Mills at parliament hill
President Mills graunt interview to Kristen Shane, association editor of The hill times embassy newsweekly


President Professor Mills arrives in Parliament Hill in Ottawa.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada, welcomes President Mills to his office
President Mills chatting with Canada Prime Minister harper
Prez Mills thanking the Akyem Brenasehene and Adontenhene of Akye Bosome traditional council, Barima Amoaben-Oko Awuakye I
MP's welcomes prez mills in the office 256-s

Prez Mills addressing chiefs and people at st pauls university, Ottawa

On friday November 18th, President Mills made a trip to Ottawa, the capital city of Canada.

President Mills met with Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other MPs at Parliament Hill and also addressed the chiefs, MPs and special guests at St Pauls University, Ottawa.


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