Accra, Ghana  – Shirley Frimpong Manso one of Ghana’s prolific filmmaker is back again with a mind-blowing movie capsules to drive you to the perfect height in African movie.

Diverting from the normal full story, she goes in for a novelty movie chapters probably the first of its kind in Ghana. The 10 chapter movie series is a master piece of international standard .It is expected to finish in February 2012 as she will release in chapters from now to next year .Each chapter will open at cinema every month over a 12-month period. The grand premier of the first chapter will be on 21st April, 2011 at the National Theatre and all subsequent chapters release consecutively at the Silverbird Cinema in the Accra Mall.

Known for her perfect storyline, unique directing ability and production standard, after months in the doldrums she’s back to make a statement again, as she is a force to reckon with when it comes to movies




  1. I like the movie but i know a guy who looks just like the young guy who dated Joycelyn Dumass….It can make a good story…

  2. Shirley i have nice nice scripts and stories for you, my contact line is 0244086408 just call for one and you well call for more

  3. hi my name is musah josephine nd an actress,i ve featured in movies like Sugar, passion nd pain,sword of life and others. I am 23yrs tall and fair,fluent in english and am from bolgatanga.i need a job and i tink sparrow production can help me find one. i play any role given me to the director’s admiration unless u want it in a diferent number is0207553443./ i hope to meet your motherly love thank you

  4. i am hoping so much that miss Frimpong gets to see this herself, i don’t know how this can be possible but i would love to meet are so amazing,you are just gifted and am a huge fun of yours, you are to die for you , your crew your cast you are too much. meeting you would be one of the first and greatest thing that’s happened in my life, please respond. thank you so very much.


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