It was a tall order by Africa’s best actor and award winning screen icon Majid Michel, to challenge this cast and crew although coincidentally, with a project even more worthy of his stardom, but from another look at how he could direct this skit with an American based personnel.
With that margin, his US based management dubbed TEAM MAJID took up the task of creating this project based on their vast set of skills and talents, for an audience anxious to see Majid’s directional approach.
Now came the propelling aptitude within the camp to live up to their collective reputation, as he directed this skit which gained a lot of recognition even before it was released, as a result of the social networking potential of the producers to make this what you can rate yourself.
So ‘The Enclave’ was created – to tell a story out of nothing at all, abstract in nature but with a charade that grips you till the end.
If there are such things as comedy and suspense, ‘The Enclave’ becomes a fine contender as shown in its scenes.
Finally, here’s the release. My question to this awesome camp is; what should we expect next, a full length feature film and how soon? I can’t wait. Can you?
Stay tuned!


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