tollsRoads and Transport Minister, Alhaji Amin Suleman is asking various communities in the country with poor roads to find money to fix them and charge tolls to maintain them.

”As a matter of fact, I wish that they encourage people who live in other communities to do similar things and call them community roads and then they could charge for maintenance.”

Speaking on the Citi Breakfast Show on Friday about the legality of the University of Ghana’s decision to charge tolls for usage of the roads on campus, Alhaji Suleman said there was nothing wrong with the decision to charge tolls on campus and urged communities to also fix their roads and do same.

”… first of all the University roads are not maintained by public resources so if it takes a facility to make their roads, then they will have to recover their cost.”

”They are not charging for anything, they are charging to keep the roads in good shape,” he reiterated.

According to the Minister road construction and maintenance is a very costly enterprise, ”and so if they don’t take any money and the roads deteriorate how are they going to keep them back in good shape for the motorist to pass through.”

He said the Ministry is trying to encourage communities to construct their roads and charge tolls to maintain them.

Meanwhile, some legal practitioners have described the decision by UG to charge road tolls as illegal.

“Under the tax laws of Ghana and under the constitution, nobody can impose a tax, levy, fee without parliamentary approval and so for the University of Ghana to say that we are going to start charging tolls which is a form of taxation, I think they will need a legal backing to that, ” Lawyer Abraham Amaliba told Citi News.

The University of Ghana announced that from February 1, 2014 road tolls will be charged on all vehicles that ply the roads within the campus.

By: Evans Effah/


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