Kobe’s focus for his blog is to share his God given wisdom on various topics and issues pertaining to the Bible that every believer as well as he faces every day
Kobe’s focus is to share his God given wisdom on various topics and issues pertaining to the Bible that every believer as well as he faces every day

I have noticed that a lot if not a majority of the Ghanaian churches (though other African and non African churches do this as well) within the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) teach and use unbiblical practices that does not bring glory to God or edify members spiritually or convict the unbeliever to repentance and saving faith. (visit 9 Marks.org to see what you should look for in a healthy church

Pastors & churches going through financial issues or pastors using the church as a business to make a lot of money for themselves use unbiblical/out of context, self-centered means of receiving money from their church members who don’t understand the bible, therefore trusting more in whatever their pastor says and claims. Needy church members who are being taught and told to go to God for blessings are truly not seeking God Himself rather they want what He can give to them through their tithes & offerings. What a lot of pastors are not preaching/teaching & what a lot of church members are forgetting is that in Christ they have all they need, Christ is enough to keep them content & appreciate what He has already given them. 2 Peter 1:1-15

Believers are forgetting passages like 1 Timothy 6:6-12, Matthew 6:19-34 & Luke 18:18-30 & are being taught to go to God not to be satisfied in Him for who He is and What He has accomplished through Jesus Christ but to get all that they can get from Him which are majority or all the time materialistic/self fulfilling things such as cars, houses, getting their bills paid, being millionaires, owning business, job promotions etc. Pastors speaking more on tithes, offerings and blessings more than they do on preaching Christ & Gospel centered sermons.

If you currently attend a church that practices unbiblical techniques such as name it, claim it, sowing a seed or positive confess used by word of faith & prosperity gospel preachers to gain money from members, please search the scriptures and see where in the Bible we are taught to do such things & bring it to the attention of your pastor & see if he will give you a biblical response. Do not feel compelled to do something that scripture does not teach us to do.

I would like to share an article with you from Michale Okyere Asante who is a blogger published author, youth discipleship leader, and a basic school teacher in Ghana. He wrote about one of the techniques used in a lot of Ghanaian churches to accumulate money from members called “Kofi & Ama or Men & Women.”





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