One of the world’s leading luxury private aviation companies, VistaJet International has landed  its Global aircrafts in Ghana for the first time to officially announce its operations in the country.  The arrival of VistaJet means thatbusiness executives, government officials  and individuals who wish to travel in asingle flight toany point in the world, can now do so.

The commencement of the operations of VistaJet will see a total of 56 Bombardier global jets, released toGhana and other African countries at a total value of 7.8billion dollars. This was revealed by the Founder and Chairman of VistaJet, Thomas Florh  at a press interaction in Accra.  He also added: “Every Flight is tailored to ensure customers travel in the best style and luxury with maximum safety and flexibility; this simple business model ensures the entire VistaJet fleet is made available to all our customers-with guaranteed availability within 24 hours notice.”

VistaJet, provides exceptional and unparalleled standards of quality, style and service. The company operates the world’s largest wholly-owned private jet fleet outside the Americas — with over 30 mid and long–range aircraft — and embraces the highest levels of luxury, safety, security, reliability and value. VistaJet is the only provider who offers an identical fleet with their distinctive silver and red striped livery and understated luxurious interiors. Every aspect of the cabin is constantly re–assessed to ensure that home–away–from–home environment.

Innovative flight solutions are designed with the requirements of the individual customer solely in mind. Everyflight is tailored ensuring they travel in the best style and luxury with maximum flexibility and value. No matter how you fly with VistaJet, you know exactly what is waiting for you at the airport and in the air. Program Designed for the high–net–worth individuals, entrepreneurs and corporates who need to fly regularly —from 50 to 500 hours per year — the Program promises guaranteed availability and fixed hourly rates. For those who want to occasionally travel in style and enjoy the impeccable service, On–Demand is the perfect option offering ad hoc flights for anything up to 50 flying hours per year.

Offering the largest single service area in the industry, the company’s brand new all-Bombardier fleet is based across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and West Africa, ready to take you wherever you choose, with no positioning costs. Whether it’s a direct flight from Los Angeles to Shanghai, from London to Luanda or from Kinshasa to Ulan Bator, VistaJet is seamlessly connecting the globe. VistaJet’s fleet includes Global 6000 (14 passengers , 13 hours), Challenger 850 (14 passengers, 6 hours), Challenger 605 (12 passengers , 8 hours), Learjet 60 xr (6 passengers, 5:30 hours).





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