Permit me space to respond to the above captioned news item on Joy FM on the June 15, 2011. It is not only interesting but hypocritical that the Vice-President of Ghana, His Excellency John Mahama, would be telling his compatriots abroad to return home. The question is: “return home to do what?” Does he know the number of Ghanaians who thought for once a government that care for the people was elected and returned under that illusion only to realize that it is just the same old story? Too many Ghanaians living abroad had made the trip to Ghana after the NDC assumed office in January 2009, but it soon came to light that only those who are connected to the Ahwois, the Mahamas, the Sawyers, and the Newmanshave brains, and they can dine and wine on our taxes.

I know of too many different groups, some of who financed the NDC from their hard earned dollars, who returned to Ghana with programs, projects and even investment proposals only to be given the cold rub by the very people including the vice-president who are now telling us to return home to invest or to take up jobs in the oil sector. Is this a joke of some sort or it is just for the lack of anything to occupy our meeting with?

A few questions for you John:
i. Has your brother, Ibrahim, finished executing all Ghana’s mining and drilling sector jobs, so the crumbs can drop from the top for us to also make good use of?

ii. Are you aware of the number of groups and individuals who returned home with projects, programs, and investments, but were given the cold rub by your incompetent ministers and others who were supposed to be facilitating these processes to make things easier for them?

iii. How long does it take to create a database of skilled Ghanaians in the diaspora?

iv. Are the bidding processes now streamlined to get the most for Ghanaians without the 10% kickback?

v. Don’t you have geologists and physicists coming out of Ghanaian universities?

vi. Have you found jobs for them?
vii. How do you treat those who return with skills to contribute?

viii. Does your government recognize and reward hard work, competence, and skills?

ix. Does your government not prefer foreigners over local investors?

x. Are Ghanaian jobs no longer for relatives and friends, so every Ghanaian with the right skills could get one?

The election cycle has just begun and certainly you guys are looking for support from the diaspora and wherever you can get it. I do not think that Ghanaians in the diaspora need you to tell them when to come home and invest. If things were being done properly in Ghana, of their own volition they would have returned happily to lend their support to the country’s development. The stories that are coming from the frontlines or from those who dared return are horrifying. At least we are aware of some who have been on that route as many as five times in the last 16 months. It was only a bitter sense of time and resources expended without any tangible results.

I know for a fact that over the last two years, about a 1000 (I mean one thousand) Ghanaians have left the shores of Ghana to seek jobs in the oil industry in Qatar. If those in Ghana are still trooping out to seek opportunities elsewhere, what is the motivation for us to return to a country that has consistently refused to recognize its own? You are sincerely advised to take your story to the marines. While you go around the world on the people’s tax, we return home on our hard earned dollars. Therefore, any single day spent in Ghana is a cost to us.

To any geologists and physicists worth his or her salt, look elsewhere than to return to Ghana under the erroneous impression that your country has found oil. Those managing her affairs are greedy, incompetent, and lack direction. Cronyism, favoritism, and kickbacks are the hallmarks of the administration. Do no waste your precious time. I am working on a list of all those Ghanaians who made the various business trips but have nothing to show for them. If you know of some of the stories, please contact me.

John, please stop this joke and find something meaningful to do for your family and inner circle of friends for that is what it has been. Ghanaians living abroad know better. They hear the cries of their countrymen and that is the first test of what is happening in Ghana.

David Allotey
Silver Spring, Maryland


  1. I have intentionally provided my email address here so as to let The Honorable Minister personally invite me to Ghana. When I get the opportunity to be his guest, we will sit down one Saturday morning, the first question I will ask is why ? Mr. VP, why is Ghana still begging for China and Brazil to give us free buses, after 50years of “freedom”. Adom and Damfo were the beginning but why ?

    In the late 90’s, I was the first to introduce solar power to Ghana, I spent $25,000 for a pilot project through the invitation of one Sackey, a former head of Rural Water Works in Ghana.

    The pilot project served the people of Buadua in the Eastern Region with clean water who were suffering from guinea worm infection. The idea of the project was towards contracting for 50 solar powered project in Ghana. The project however was successful, I was asked to allow three months for “some” documentation” to be processed.

    To my surprised, my partner in Ghana, informed me that the contract was awarded to a relative of Sackey who has come to Ghana with an European after visiting my project to see what it entailed. I lost my $25,000, time and recognition.

    I may not be the only Ghanaian, who is willing to take chances. Most of us have tried and failed due to how we got fooled by compatriot at home.

    And now with over 15 years in the transportation sector in North America, I turned my attention to the current chaos at State Transport Corporation. This organization is screwed up and in debt of over $20million, it needed planning and administrative directives. One of which is to find a partner to start assembling buses in Ghana. I have been to Ghana trying to let those in charge understand the need for restructuring this company. It never worked, instead, our ministers prefer to travel to China and Brazil, begging for free buses……..they are laughing at us. When can we get smart. Remember nothing is free people…..wake up!!!!!.

    I can change this corporation around for the better…..will I get the chance ?………..yes, if I join a political party…………..which to me is nonsense.

    You see people, it took the “Chinaman” 30years to be where they are now, even if they produce substandard products. At least they started somewhere to get to where they are now.

    Couple of months ago, GIPC published that the country needed fish food processing plant. I contacted a company thinking they would have the interest. The answer to my request was that, man, we have been feeding “Africans” for centuries and now they want us to go feed their animals too…… just laugh it off….no kidding.

    The VP invitation is a good idea, but does the government has any idea of utilizing the ideas of those Ghanaians who will come back and do not have the funds to invest with the ideas they have?. Remember, not all of us will be able to fake invoicing of cars and trucks VIN in order to ship them to Ghana…

    When I get to meet the VP upon him inviting me, I will be able to show him how to tap into the massive knowledge outside Ghana that can support the impressive business people and intellectuals in Ghana for the sake of Ghana.

    China, Korea, India and others brought their natives back home from diaspora to boost what they are now. Can we learn from them?..

    Any Bonsu
    Alberta, Canada


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