The 11th Annual Women’s Courage Awards International was a resounding success, with 13 Women from diverse communities being honoured for their contribution to humanity

The awards was founded by Anna Aidoo and run under the banner of Endless Possibilities And Hope  Development Organization a Canadian and Ghanaian Charitable organization whose aim is to uplift humanity through various initiatives
Anna is amotivational speaker, talk show host, humanitarian and mentor,
The event honors unsung heroes and leaders from diverse communities in the areas of community development, education, social activist, rising star, politics, law enforcement, youth leader, lifetime achievement and so much more
With more than 200 people in attendance the evening was filled with inspiration, laughter, joy, friendship and networking, There was a good representation of diverse communities showcasing the beauty of our Canadian mosaic
The event is now a fundraiser dedicated to raising funds to support a school and Women’s Centre in Ghana and also a reading Club
For more information about the organization and to support it please visit their web site at


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