guba_2015The Ghana UK Based Achievement organisation (GUBA) has committed itself to providing 100 incubators to help reduce the rising number of infant deaths in Ghana.

Through its charitable GUBA Foundation, which was established in 2012, it is organising a Singspiration Choir competition for gospel groups across London on Saturday to raise funds for the incubators.

GUBA says that one in five babies dies every 15 minutes in Ghana and that hospitals do not have enough incubators.

The GUBA Foundation’s aims are to address the needs of health, disability, education and poverty in Ghana, with the latest project focusing on raising awareness of infant mortality.

Last week, at the Houses of Parliament in London, GUBA Awards won a prestigious award from the British Award for African Development (BRAAD), in recognition of its outstanding achievement in community and social development.

BRAAD is a project pioneered and developed by Peace International and is focused on highlighting the achievements of talented individuals who have excelled in academia, entrepreneurial endeavours and in non-governmental organisation, and have contributed time and finances to support the development of Africa and the African Diasporas.

GUBA Awards is dedicated to acknowledging trailblazers within the British-Ghanaian community and encouraging business and trade relations between both countries.

It received the BRAAD award for its efforts in bridging the gap between the UK and Ghana through community and social development.

GUBA Enterprise CEO Dentaa Amoateng, said the organisation “has been dedicated to improving the African continent. This award further proves that we have to be steadfast in our quest to improve our continent”.


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