The Ghanaian Canadian Association of Ontario (GCAO) in conjunction with the Ghanaian-Canadian Soccer League (GCSL) are contacting you to seek your in-kind or in cash support towards our Canada Day Community Engagement event themed:

“Canada at 150: Fostering intercultural understanding, civic memory and pride as Ghanaian-Canadians.  The purpose of this event is to bring the Ghanaian community together to celebrate a fun-filled family oriented Canada Day while showcasing our pride as Ghanaian Canadians.”

The Ghanaian Canadian Soccer League currently serves a community of over 500 people through weekly scheduled soccer games.  The venues where the games are held have been the hub for some of the community members during the summer months.

The soccer league plans to thank the community for their support for the past 8 years of the league’s existence by collaborating  with the GCAO to engage the community and their families to a fun-filled July 1st celebration to mark the Canada at 150.

We expect to community members of all ages with socio-economic status to engage in different sporting activities as well as partake in the many different local card and board games.  Food and beverages will be provided to the event attendees.


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