Connecting the Vision: Redefining what it means to be Young, African, and a Leader

Ghana Youth United Inc. and Nkuranshe help to rebuild, restore, and replace the underrepresented YoungAfricans making a difference.

Atlanta, GA- February 2011 – The non-profit founders of Ghana Youth United Inc. and thefounders of Nkuranshe have spearheaded an initiative to exemplify and honor the works ofyoung African leaders by executing the first annual Young African Leaders Conference.

The two-day conference weekend will kick off with a networking party to be held on February25th, 2011 with musical performances, art displays, and more. The conference will be heldon February 26, 2011 at the Atlanta Fulton County Public Library Auditorium from 10:00amto 2pm. This event will include African ancestral inspired performances, documentaries, aleadership building workshop and two panel discussions focused on Identity and Business/Non-profit enterprise. During this discussion, panelists will be asked questions that will focuson a young leader’s battle with solidifying their identity, building and maintaining successfulrelationships, and contributing to the economic transition of their countries. The questions willfurther address whether there has been progressive change, stagnation, or diminutive change inthe community.

The panelists include: Veronica Oladeija- founder and editor of the Africanmagazine Apinke, Mirabel Toh- Miss Cameroon International, Irene Mbari-Kirika – founderof the non-profit assisting the blind youth of Kenya, INable, Joseph Abdallah- Center forDisesease Control(CDC) Research Analyst, Bessie Winn-Afeku- former Miss Black Georgiaand founder of the She is Me Program, Angela Wamburi- Miss Kenya USA and founder of MyAfrica is Beautiful, Tiwa Agaga-Williams- Special Events Developer, Crystal Azu- NationalAfrican Student Association President and Aaron Nanor- former Atlanta Mayoral candidate.The opening address will be given by Atlanta City Councilman Kwanza Hall.
This first event is set to be one that will not only inspire the youth to act on their passion, but alsoenable them to bridge the disconnected gap of various generations of African youth. It sheds apositive light to the growing diverse community of Young Africans in America.

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About the Organizers:Four young women in a collaborative union decided that it was time to re-inspire the youth.Young adults of the African Diaspora seem to be in need of further encouragement to use theirtalents to not only benefit them but benefit their communities. Although the women representtwo distinct organizations serving the interest of the African Community, they have cometogether to form Connected Vision, a title that represents the Penumbra of their collective beliefs.Each of the women brings a unique perspective to their similar vision.Ghana Youth United Inc.: A youth organization that believes that the unified strength of theyouth propels innovative thought, charismatic reform, and forthcoming social improvements.Nkuranshe: An organization that focuses on empowering people within the African Diaspora byinfusing education with entertainment.

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