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On June 25th Saturday 2016, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm a Youth Summit organized under the auspices of Ghanaian Canadian Association of Ontario with a theme “Finding Our Pathway To Success”  Inspiring Workshops/Lectures to be led by our youth leaders and professionals have been planned. It is quite exciting. Please get your youth to register for this event.

Youth Summit Venue: Ghanaian Presbyterian Church Meeting Rooms (51 High Meadow Place)

Why Youth Summit:

With this knowledge based and digital economy, our youth is dealing with a different form of employment paradigm. Though there are immense and vast opportunities in the modern economy, there are challenges as well

As a community, it behoves us to team up to complement the efforts of our youth by supporting them in their endeavours and initiatives they embark on. You would agree that  that there are a lot of Ghanaian Canadian professionals, businessmen, wise men and women, inspiring clergy, young and old who can be a source of networking and mentoring for our youth. We need to build a community where it should be much easier to tap into a wealth of experience, network and knowledge in our community.

What can we do to support: Volunteer your time to support the event by showing up and encouraging Youth in your church/Organization to register to attend

Note: The event is FREE and food will be served

This is All Inclusive Event

Thanks so much for your anticipated support. You have always been supportive and we do appreciate it

On Behalf of GCAO Executives


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