accra floodCommunications Minister Edward Omane Boamah says the Ghana Armed Forces and the National Fire Service have been deployed to ensure the free movement of people in the capital city, Accra, which has been submerged by torrential rains.

Hundreds of workers in the capital have been left stranded at their work places as the heavy downpour submerges the city.

Most of the principal streets in Accra are flooded and unmotorable as commercial and private vehicles are trapped in the deluge which is above knee level.

Most of the drivers have parked their vehicles on the inner and outer pavements to prevent their vehicles from being carried away by the flood.

In a post on the facebook page of the communications minister urged residents to avoid moving drains since the torrential rains have submerged the capital city, Accra.

Below is the full post on Omane Boamah’s wall

“Torrential rains not just in Accra. The Achimota sub-station is flooded. This has led to unplanned power outage in some areas. The Ghana Armed Forces and Ghana National Fire Service etc have been deployed to ensure free movement of people among others. Pls avoid fast moving drains. If in difficulty pls call for help”.


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