Supernatural God, the second single release from singer songwriter Slim Flex’s newest album Gifted is an uplifting glimpse into how faith has played a powerful role in the award winning performer’s personal evolution. Inspired by the profound one-on-one relationship with a Higher Power that Slim’s life is rooted in, Supernatural God is the ultimate homage to the Divine– a thank you from Slim for the enriching connection in which his Devotion has protected and helped him grow as an artist and man.
The theme of spirituality in music serves as such an important vehicle in driving positive forces through troubling and joyous times. Slim knows this all too well— it was his church roots as a young, emerging musician that ultimately brought him to embrace his musical gifts that have seen through the successes and acclaim he’s been blessed with today.

This standout record Supernatural God was produced, mixed and mastered by Ghana-based super producer APYA in Accra, West Africa. The soulful tune follows Slim’s tradition of reaching across musical boundaries to touch the ears and hearts of audiences from all backgrounds. Combining beautiful, melodious Hip Life instrumentation and sweetly soulful pop gospel harmonies, Supernatural God maintains Slim’s gratifying Afrobeat core sound while serving as an optimistic spiritual anthem for listeners to feel inspired, guided and encouraged by love and light.


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