The Vision… Our Vision is to provide quality higher education that promotes development, and raise up leaders with Christian values and ethics for good governance to serve the people.

Mission… At All Nations University College, our mission is to educate leaders who make a difference by integrating faith and learning; hence our commitment to “Total Personality Development”. You will be developed intellectually, socially, morally, and spiritually in a vibrant Christian atmosphere. Our international and local faculty will guide your way to becoming a stronger, committed, able and strategic leader. At ANUC, we focus on your results.

Aim…. In promoting excellence, ANUC programs are designed to enable individuals transfer theory into practice towards technological, social, cultural and economic development. ANUC objectives are as follows:

• To enhance cognitive development use. That is, individuals acquire knowledge in order to be able to analyze and assess issues in the right perspective.

• To have a positive influence on individuals so that they may in turn have a fruitful change in their lifestyles as a result of growth in their knowledge.

• To help people to practically apply the knowledge acquired in their own life, their societies and in every situation or place in which they find themselves.

• To provide a Total Personality Development that incorporates Leadership, Spirituality, Character and Discipline.


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