Barack Hussein Obama, made history at exactly 12:07pm on Tuesday when he was sworn in as the first Black President of the United States (US). President Obama moves into the oval office as the nation’s fourth youngest president at age 47 with the racial barrier-breaking record believed to have been impossible by generations of the minority. His inauguration marked the 56th time that a US President had been sworn in for a four-year term since 1798, when George Washington first took the same oath.

President Obama, believed to be an embodiment of the dream of the legend; Martin Luther King Jnr. was sworn in my Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens with former President Abraham Lincoln’s Bible, which was last used in 1861.

He is the 44th President and the third from Illinois after Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant.

Former US Presidents, Jimmy Carter, George H.W Bush and Bill Clinton, Obama’s family, past and incoming cabinet members of the Senate and House of Representatives, Supreme Court justices and many invited guests from around the world attended the ceremony. In his inaugural address at Washington’s National Mall, President Obama, dressed in black suite with red tie without missing words in a 15-minute ex tempo speech, expressed the hope to unite all countries with America.

President Obama, who received intermittent cheers and standing ovation from the crowd said: “All are equal, all are free and all . deserve freedom to achieve a purpose”.

He encouraged Americans “to pick up themselves to remake America” and thanked ex-President Bush for “his generosity and cooperation”. ” American must usher in a new era of peace. This new era calls for responsibility, duty for ourselves and others”, President Obama added. Some of the crowd could not control their emotions as they broke down in tears for seeing America’s history rewritten in fulfilment of a new hope for the Black race during President Obama’s speech. Mr Joe Biden, 66, also took the oath as the 47th Vice President of the US.

Vice President Biden, a lawyer, had run for presidency twice in 1998 and 2008, but never came close.

He has served 36 years as Senator from Delaware, establishing himself as a respected voice on foreign affairs and national security. 20 Jan 09

Sources: Ghanaweb

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  1. Not only was this day truly historic, it was also very inspiring… I wish President Obama all the best and I hope to meet him one day. He has inspired young people all over the Globe, especially African Americans. “YES WE CAN!!!”

  2. Yes we have a black president and a great president
    Obama will be one of the most influential presidents of all
    i know for sure he will fulfill his pormises to america and fix our economy
    so more money will be coming in my pocket even though i got alot of it


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