nicolasackeyThe beautiful and reigning Miss Ghana UK, Nicola Sackey embarked on a project that she had set her mind and heart to as early as at age 8.  She recently launched her Eagle Sports Foundation to support the development of young athletes in Ghana.

The Eagles Sports Foundation is a charity organization which aims to discover and develop young athletes to represent Ghana at the international level in events, such as the Olympic Games, and in World Championships. According to Nicola, the foundation hopes to set up training clubs similar to those in the USA and UK, all across Ghana to facilitate the objectives of the foundation.

She has observed that Ghana always struggles to find adequate numbers of skilled athletes to represent the country at international competitions and yet no pragmatic measures are taken to help save the situation. Meanwhile, she said “….there are a lot of athletes who want to represent Ghana one day at such world events, but there aren’t any concrete structures in place for Ghana to scout for such athletes.”
According to Nicola, her foundation will be raising funds in both the UK and Ghana to establish an athletic club like the football clubs, to help train school children and individuals who are interested in athletics season after season, to get them prepared. During the recent launch of the foundation in Accra, the Minister of Youth and Sports, Mr Rashid Pelpuo, shared the government’s commitment to the cause and made a donation to the foundation.

The Eagle Sports Foundation has identified a number of projects that need to be carried out to help set a solid foundation for athletes. This includes the development of Eagle Sport Foundation track and field training ground; provision of track and field equipment; a coach education program; training camps for athletes and several others.

Nicola, who was crowned Miss Ghana-UK in 2008, has been an athlete from the age of 8, with sprinting as her favorite sport.  Her ambition had always been to run in the Olympic Games. She left Ghana for the UK at the age of 15 to be able to train as an athlete since Ghana didn’t afford her that opportunity. She has graduated from the Roe Hampton University in UK with a degree in Sports and Exercise Science.

Source: Ameyaw Debrah (Journalist from Ghana)


  1. Hw can an athlete lyk me, get to join this perfect atheletic ground dat is promoting gud future leaders whose passion 4 women soccer is being jeopardised by family nd friends in terms of everythn.Anyway i wanna say thank u 4 establishn such a great foundation. i hope it gets so well big outs 2 the eagle sport foundatn …u de best. Tema


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