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CEO of Golden Future Promotions, Mr. Charles Augustus Sam

The chief executive officer of Golden Future Promotions, Mr. Charles Augustus Sam has called on Ghanaians in the diaspora to put all expertise and knowledge acquired to come home and help develop Ghana.

Speaking in an exclusive interview on Obaapa radio in Germany last night on the station’s newspaper review program hosted by Baffour Agyeman Frimpong, Mr. Charles Sam who is also a renowned broadcaster and businessman, said, Ghana is in dire need of its illustrious sons and daughter based outside Ghana, to come home to help contribute in building the country.

He said some of Ghana’s finest brains and professionals in the areas of ICT, medicine, education, banking, law and even astronauts are based outside the shores of Ghana. Therefore, it is prudent to harness the pool of knowledge outside Ghana to come back and help build a great and prosperous nation.

He said, apart from the natural resources that God has blessed the nation, Ghana can boast of one of the finest human resource working outside Ghana helping other countries to develop.

He said, as a nation, it is time to flush out the slave thinking, chicken mindset, nation wrecking self-centeredness, excuses and think through as well as beyond possibility into achieving high targeted results. Because all over the world, a nation’s success is measured by results, not effort.

He lamented that, as it stands now, the whole Ghanaian society is a hypocritical one, whereby everybody is trying to lie and cheat other to survive Mr. Sam also told Obaapa radio listeners that, Ghana have gone down the self-destruct path of timid for far too long, incompetent dishonest, non-qualitative, non-credible, irresponsible, ineffective, and lazy thinking political leadership and at all levels of society, a consistently complaining citizenry, a hypocritical, unreal and corrupt society, an unstructured arrangement and application generative energies, religious and traditional authority and establishments whom the youth cannot draw any progressive influential inspiration and positive example from, security services whom the public are highly suspicious of, entrepreneurs who have no business with expanding the frontiers of humanity, an imprudent lifestyle, and a devalued, degraded and embarrassingly stinking environment.

Obaapa Radio based in Oberhausen, Germany with studios in UK, and Denmark, is the widely listens to Ghanaian community radio station in the diaspora.


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