Description of the event

The event is taking place at a park with a lake on site.  Bike riders will cycle around the lake for about 30-45 minutes and we will have a BBQ afterwards.

Purpose of the event

-To provide a fun and memorable day for Ghanaian children and their families

-Encourage the youth to become active in their community.

-Introduce Connecting Paths Canada and other non-profit organizations to the community

-Distribute pamphlets, creating awareness about the services available to people living in Brampton


We want everyone and anyone to come, but our great is to have youth, as they are the age group our organization targets.

What can be expected

10:00am-12:00pm-The bike ride will begin at 10:00am, but we will leave that portion of the day open till 12:00pm, as we expect some people to come later.

12:00pm-5:00pm-The BBQ begins at 12pm. There will be music, games/activities for attendees, interaction with politicians and non-profit organizations.

We want anyone who comes to this event to benefit in some way; gain knowledge about services in their area, feel motivated to get involved in making positive impact in the Ghanaian community and have had a fun and memorable day.


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