kofcitymayorKOFCITY Mayor is a new television drama series, which was written and co-directed by artiste, actor and entrepreneur David Oscar. The main director is Steve Gyamfi.

The drama series is about a young car dealer who is perpetually on a mission to defraud girls by using his leverage. Moreover, it deals with thematic concerns such as fraud, the use of social media, entrepreneurship and service provisions. All 13 episodes were shot in Koforidua.

Asking him what led him to write and co-direct the drama series, he said: “What inspired me to write and co-direct KOFCITY Mayor is the sheer inspiration of wanting to be able to apply myself in this way for my city Koforidua. I grew up here. I still live here and a lot of the saturation we have in the Ghanaian entertainment industry, with respect to television productions, always come from the likes of Accra and Kumasi. We have good locations in Koforidua too. So living here, having an audiovisuals studio here, we felt that we can also do something for this city. Not just to project the city Koforidua but also the talents that exist within the city. We believe that it will be well-received by the audience because we have put a lot of work in it.”

Check out some of the behind-the-scenes photos:

It’s a project for Red House Philms. KOFCITY Mayor will be broadcasted on Adom TV soon.
Source: pniridescent.com


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