Award-winning Ghanaian designer Kwab Asamoahwill present his inaugural homecoming Kustom Looks fashion show and launch party on July 31st, 2010. The fashion show will be held at the rooftop of Silver Stars Towers in Accra. The launch party will be the official introduction of this affluent fashion and lifestyle brand to the Ghana market.

President and CEO of Kustom Looks, Kwab Asamoah, will be pulling out all the stops for this once in a lifetime celebration. As the tailor to some of the most prominent African American political and business leaders in the Washington area, Asamoah, has created a stellar reputation in the fashion industry that has his competitors taking notice.  In less than five years, Mr. Asamoah was able to expand a meager custom apparel business operating from his home to a thriving and dynamic fashion corporation.

Growing up in Kumasi, Ghana in the 1970s, Asamoah was fascinated by uniforms: the white-crested dress shirts of school children, the traditional Kente cloth worn by professionals, with vibrant patterns and colors representing changing seasons.  Apparel was a status symbol, a way to distinguish oneself. Thirty years later the uniforms are vastly different. Asamoah’s all natural hand tailored custom suits, manufactured in his exclusive Bangkok factory, start at $695 and can range upward of $3,500. After earning a dual degree in Engineering and Physics, Asamoah left a comfortable six-figure salary as a Computer Consultant to fulfill his true passion as an entrepreneur.

His loyal clientele numbers in the thousands around the world and include national politicians, broadcasters, ministers, athletes, head of states, and business professionals. He single handily outfits 10% of executives that comprise the Top 100 Black Businesses in the United States.  Kwab Asamoah can easily be recognized by his signature “tape” and speaks to his passion and commitment to his craft.  In 2010 he was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year Award for his outstanding contribution to the business and fashion industry.

This exciting VIP event includes general admission with exclusive VIP sections. Guests will be treated to a 3 part fashion show from 7-10 PM produced by runway Trainer/Coach Ernest Osei of eKOP Productions. The fashion show will showcase Kustom Looks’ male and female collections including professional wear, evening wear, formal wear, and casual wear. Afterwards, attendees will be entertained until 4 AM by an exclusive launch party Sponsored by Ameyaw Debrah, JQ Promotions, Ghana Linx, Ghana Planit Events, and Bobby Trump Productions. With the combination of the talents of these sponsors and the international recognition of Kustom Looks behind the wheel, this event is sure to be one to remember.


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