The Ghana High Commission has heralded the launch of an economic magnate for the diaspora community in the name of Diaspora Homecoming Summit at the commission in London’s Belgrave Square, on Friday 5th of May 2017.

The event which is in conjunction with the National Council of Ghanaian Unions UK and the Homecoming Organizing Committee, is seeking to engage and harness the diaspora community’s potentials to invest in the avalanche of opportunities and possibilities that abound in Ghana.

The program is also intending to let the diaspora community invest their time, skills and finances to actively participate in Ghana’s socio-economic development and growth.

This event is in line with the main Diaspora Homecoming initiative in Ghana, from the 5th to 8th of July 2017, with regards to president Akufo Addo’s government.

The welcome remarks by the Acting head of mission-Mr Damptey was well delivered but not without some stern questionings from some of the attendees.

As the success and prosperity of any given viable nation is dependent on its proficiency, efficiency and consistency on the pedestal of its political and socio-economic status and standings, some questions need to be asked.

As to what stringent measures and viable structures being put in place to bolster the desired confidence to lure potential investors from the diaspora community to Ghana, Mr Kofi Addo who is the head of Trade and Investment at the Ghana High Commission, said: “Yes, the first thing that the government is doing, is to make sure that we have a transparent and stable economy.

Highlighting the plans ahead of the Homecoming initiatives, he continued: “And the government is also making sure that, investors who are homecoming, will be able to also plan and plan very well for their businesses.

“The government is also making sure the interest rates hovering around 14 to 20 per cent, comes down as inflation is being dealt with.

“This is in addition to all the other micro-economic issues. So that the private sector operators will be able to do business in a conducive environment.

Making a headway through one of the major and numerous stumbling blocks that impede the establishment of businesses in Ghana, the government is on course accordingly, to rectify that anomaly.

“Apart from these measures, the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre is also making sure that, the one-stop shop, that has been talked about over the years becomes something that is doable.

“So that when you go there, you would have all your licenses given to you to start your business. And this, is without going to series of ministries, or departments of agencies.

“So the one-stop-shop is something that the government is serious about to addressing.” he said.

Ranging from land legalities and acquisitions, security, proficiency, efficiency and consistency of the political and socio-economic stabilities of Ghana, there were series of pertinent questions that were asked and issues put forward by a cross section of the media and public in attendance.

Speaking to Mr Myx Boadi Quest a Record Producer and Business developer who was not happy, due to the problems he encounters when travelling to Ghana with his dual citizenship card, he said: “ I asked the question in regards to my dual citizenship card that some people might be familiar with.

“I was told before hand from the interior ministry in Ghana, that I could use it in traveling just as a Ghanaian passport. But I have to learn quickly, that is not the case depending on which immigration officer I meet at the airport.

“So basically a lot of people, both immigration officers and some citizens are not clear on its purpose, due to the different conflicts of opinions as to what it actually suppose to do.”

Singing the praises of the nation Ghana all evening, was the International Account Manager of Alain Charles Publishing Mr Roman Zincenko who has been to Ghana for about ten times already.

Spilling his thoughts about the Homecoming, he said: “ I think it is a brilliant idea, having been to Ghana many times, I see it as a very good country with lots of potentials, it’s extremely safe compared to other countries, and a brilliant market as well.”

“And I think to myself sometimes when I see Ghanaians in London, I asked what are you guys doing here. Paying a lot of taxes and living in small bathrooms like shoe boxes and paying a lot of money for everything.

“But in Ghana, there are a lot of land, sunshine all year round, and much better opportunities for the future.

Encouraging Ghanaians abroad to take a huge advantage of the Homecoming Summit, he said: “ If I should choose a place to live, Ghana will be the place.

“And I hope Ghanaians in the UK and abroad will take the Homecoming Summit opportunities to start moving back, because there a lot of opportunities and things to do.”

The Planning Committee’s UK Chairman, Mr Bernard Owusu’s statement of purpose was very convincing in context to its reality.

Although the event ended with a decent reception, do not forget that it started some twenty three minutes late.

The program ended with the a reception and the proverbial quotes from Henry Ford ‘Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success


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