The virtual collapse of the Ghana Railway Corporation is indeed a sad indictment on the managerial capability of our institutions and the people in charge of them. The Railways Company though set up for the benefit of the colonisers in 1903 was left in reasonably good working condition. At its peak of performance in the late 50’s early 60’s it carried over 2 million tons of freight and 8 million Passengers in a year. Is the dilapidation of Ghana Railway Company, yet not another sad example of people who were supposed to be responsible for an institution causing financial loss to the state, but have not been held to account.

We all remember when the last substantial rolling stock arrived from the former GDR in 1985 and received with funfair and razzmatazz. How long can we afford to acquire expensive foreign loans to build infrastructure and running it down with criminal neglect ?

No subjects are of greater concern to the effectiveness of government machinery and individual public officers than those affecting appointments, promotions and discipline. Are we there yet ?

By: S Nyarko



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