Introduction to the New African Image -Face2face Africa
February 7th, 2011
Face2Face Africa today announced the official launch date for the online media platform for
March 26th, 2011 to be held at the Broad Street Ballroom in New York City. The event is set up
to show the organization’s progress in providing a customized viewing experience across all
media outlets with quality programming guaranteed to reach a wide demographic on the back
of innovation in media distribution.
Committed to ensuring first class media output that rivals content seen in world-class media
outlets, the organization is taking a hands-on approach towards changing Africa’s fortune. In
2011, Face2Face Africa has been billed to be a potential breath of fresh air in the African media
The team is proud to present the F.A.C.E List Awards, created to honor Fascinating Africans
Committed to Excellence in their respective fields. At the forefront of the new African revolution,
these individuals stop at nothing to be proper ambassadors and bear the flags of our continent.
They are our educators, our freedom fighters, our leaders, our philanthropist, our artist
and entertainers who make a difference and propagate that feeling of African-ness.
We are proud to announce that for 2011 our honorees are as listed below:
Angelique Kidjo – Entertainment
Angelique Kidjo has been deemed “Africa’s premier diva” by Time Magazine. Like Miriam
Makeba was before her, Kidjo is the continent’s most internationally celebrated female musical
exponent. The GRAMMY Award-winning star embodies the spirit of Africa. Through her music,
life, and exuberant commitment to advocacy she exemplifies unity, peace, and diversity.
Bisila Bokoko – Trailblazer
Bisila Bokoko is the Executive Director of the Spain-U.S Chamber of Commerce and also considered
one of the ten most influential Spanish women in the American business world. Always
reminded by the obstacles she faced as one of only a handful of African families living in Spain,
Mrs. Bokoko founded the Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project, a foundation focused on providing
books and resources to children and families in Africa.


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