Cross Culture International (CCI) and the shop, Kente Design, are proprietorships of Francis Selorm Seshie, a designer from Accra, Ghana. Francis has been in the fashion business for 20 years. In 1992 he established his office in Denmark, producing ready-to-wear African dresses. His primary aim in establishing the business, is to promote African culture and to uplift the image of Africa in the West.

Francis Selorm Seshie has now introduced in the world of fashion, the original and exotic African fabric and design, blending it with the European and Asian style. The designs of his fabric, are patterned after Ghana’s oldest weaving method and are manufactured by a textile factory in Jutland, Denmark. He has introduced the Kente design in Denmark, with the Ghanian background, that suits the modern standart of dressing. At present, CCI has done more than 14 fashion shows in Denmark.
His office and shop is located at Mimersgade 9, DK-2200 Copenhagen N, Denmark. Telephone no. (+45) 3539 0053 telefax (+46) 3539 0454. Email:

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