FOG_2016_VC_profilesNominations are now open for the 2016 edition of the Future of Ghana publication. We are looking for the top 30 U30 Ghanaian pioneers and future leaders worldwide. You can nominate yourself or make a nomination on behalf of someone else. Please  to access the nomination form. Selected pioneers will get exclusive privileges as well as access to a global network.
We are currently accepting nominations until 13 December 2015 
The Future of Ghana initiative is a two- fold project with an overall vision of a self sustaining first world Ghana! We believe by mobilising and organising the next generation of leaders this can be done. Thus we do this in two ways;
1. Producing a publication annually to showcase and highlight 30 young Ghanaian future leaders.
2. Hosting a dynamic Youth Leadership Forum in Ghana with International speakers and panellists


We believe the publication will act as a catalyst to encourage greater youth participation with the development of Ghana.

We aim to produce a positive visual resource promoting Ghana whilst also using the publication as a point of inspiration for youth to showcase relatable role models excelling in a variety of industries globally.

The publication launches annually on Ghana Independence day to amplify a forward thinking narrative about the Future of Ghana, showcasing positivity whilst creating platforms to discuss solutions to specific issues the Ghanaian community face in Ghana and the Diaspora.

1. Aged 30 years or younger (as of 6th March 2016)
2. Be Ghanaian (born in Ghana or Ghanaian through birth, via a parent(s) or grandparent(s))
3. Please use the following characteristics as a guide when explaining your reasons for nomination:

Motivational: Someone who helps to get the best out of others and themselves
Visionary: Someone who has a desired future outlook of a product or service they wish to or are a part of providing
Ambitious: Someone whose demonstrated the will to succeed and/or shown a willingness to learn, especially from failures
Role Model: Someone people look up to. A person who inspires others as a result of something they have done or are doing
Social Influence/Impact: Someone who as a result of what they do/have done, have a positive of influence within a community
Communication Skills: Someone who demonstrates their ability to listens to others and as a result helps find solutions to problems for individuals/groups & communities

4. If a nominee was selected as one of the Top 30 Under 30 in 2015, as per the Future of Ghana constitution, they are not eligible for review and cannot be featured as one of Ghana’s Top 30 Under 30 Pioneer’s for the subsequent five [5] years; in this instance, not until 2019.

A. Yes you can, as long as you fit within the eligability criteria detailed

Q. Do nominees have to be based in Ghana?
A. No, this is a global search for young Ghanaian talent. We welcome nominations from anywhere in the world, as

long as the nominee fits within the eligability criteria detailed
Q. Can I nominate more than one person?

A. Yes, but all nominations will have to be made seperatly
Q. How are the Top 30 Under 30 selected?

A. Stage 1:

An independent committee is be responsible for scoring (from 1-10, according to Nomination Characteristics and the content of the nominators descritption of the nominee within the nomination form), reviewing and sifting all nomination entrants

Stage 2:

The shortlisted candidates are informed and groups of shortlisted candidates are equally distributed to the FOG Judges (nominations are presented without nominates name) for the FOG Judges to initial independently review and score candidates (scoring from 1-10 according to Nomination Characteristics and the content of the nominators descritption of the nominee within the nomination form) whereby the FOG Judges will score and select their top 7 candidates from their group

Stage 3:

The FOG Judges come together to feedback their group of Nominees scores and as a collective group the FOG Judges will conclude by jointly selecting the Top 30 Under 30 PioneersStage 4:

The Publication and announcement of Ghana’s Top 30 Under 30 2016 Pioneers is officially released on Ghana Independence day on March 6th 2016

FOG 2016 Nominations


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