Brooklyn, NY — President Elect Barack Obama’s victory as the First American American 44th US President has empowered many around the world. His historical win amid the theme; “Change I believe” has inspired a section of the Ghanaian community in Brooklyn, New York. It has inspired many Africans to stand up and take charge of affairs that matters in their community.

The Ghanaian’s Cabbie Foundation, USA Inc, a  Ghanaian organization in Brooklyn is indeed following the footsteps of the President elect. According to its General secretary Mr. Johnny Walker, the organization had initiated a driving program that teaches Africans to drive and charges a reasonable fee that is usually lower than fees charged in the New York area.

At a meeting dubbed; “The Obama Empowerment Meeting”, he said, ‘Today, Barack Obama has set the tone for us to come together and help our community. “‘What we are always waiting for, is attending the next funeral, outdooring, party, picnic or finding out what’s next? We cannot sit and wait any longer and wondering when things would be good for us.” He cited some members of the Jewish community in Brooklyn who had come together many years ago and contributed a small amount of money to run a community center. Years later, that property has been paid for and caters for entire members of the Jewish community. Such a united community is worth emulating.

The participants uninamously adopted a resolution calling for a $1000.00 or more contribution towards the purchasing of a Ghanaian community Center. Each member’s contribution should be paid within 6 months. They believe it is a great investment which will be great for the future. A bank account has been set up so payments can be deposited and records kept. If such an initiative took place many years ago, Ghanaians would have had a big community center catering for the community. He cited a particular location where many Ghanaian events takes place, it is always booked and very successful. He begged all present to forgive and forget past grudges they might have against anyone. “We need to move on and a new chapter has begun”.

Mr. Walker said “It is our duty to help our community in terms of those looking for jobs, immigration issues and other problems that need to be solved”. If we don’t help ourselves then who will do it for us and that is why Barack Obama’s win has inspired everyone, we have to do something beneficial for our children in the future”. Mr. Walker also was proud to say that Dr William O Boah, a Medical Practitioner who could not attend the meeting had sent a message of support with a $100 cash and pledged $4000.00. Other members of this initiative are; Mr. CNN (3G Magazine/ Attorney Edward Osei, (The Law Offices Of Edward Osei, Pennsylvania, NY, NJ) DJ Daddy Osei of Solar Productions, Miss Comfort Boadu (London- UK), Mr. Kent Yeboa, Johnson Adarkwah, Bismark Baffour, Augustina Nti, Mercy Mensah, Owusu Mensah and Veronica Nti (Ohio Commitee members) .

If anyone in the tri-state area is interested in being a part of this initiative, please contact; 718 941 4555 for futher information,. All contributions are tax deductible.

Source: Ghanaweb


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