Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has indicated that the country is now experiencing a digital transformation as policies have now been initiated to formalize the economy. 

Speaking at the grand opening ceremony of the Danish-Ghana Business Conference in Accra on November 23, the Vice President said private sector businesses will now have access to a conducive environment since the economy is now being formalized thereby making it easier for investors who would wish to run their business here. 

According to him, “If you’re looking for systematic private sector investment, you need a more formalized economic system and this is why we have embarked on a digitalization of the Ghanaian economy.”

“There is a digital transformation going on as we speak, we are going to issue National Identification Cards with biometric identification for everybody in Ghana whether you are a foreign or indigenous Ghanaian you are going to be uniquely identified”, he said.

The current government in formalizing the economy to help speed up processes has launched several programmes and among these are the National Identification card called GhanaCard, the National Digital Addressing System, DVLA going paperless and the Paperless Port. 

He further stated government will soon launch an interoperability of a domestic payment system between the banks and the telecommunication companies so as to have financial inclusion across the country.

Source: Ghanaweb.com


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