The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says it is in constant touch with the Ghana Mission in Tripoli, Libya, concerning the current unrest in that country.

In a telephone interview in Accra yesterday, the Director of information and Public Affairs, Mrs. Martha Pobee, said the ministry was in constant touch with the Libyan authorities and the mission on developments there especially concerning the safety of Ghanaians there.

She said the mission was also in touch with the Ghanaian communities there through the various associations and leaders with the view of their location and identity to facilitate their evacuation when the need arises.

Mrs. Pobee noted that the ministry had to know the exact number of Ghanaians there, so that in the event of evacuation, it will know what type of aircraft to use.

She said before the crises erupted, the Ministry was working assiduously to repatriate Ghanaians in detention in Libya.

“Before the crises, the ministry was working around the clock to repatriate detained Ghanaians there.”

The Libyan crises erupted last week coming at the heels of the popular uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Bahrain who are calling for the resignation of their leaders.

Mrs. Pobee explained that some Ghanaians working with companies had already managed to crossv over to Egypt.

But the rest who would want to come home had to be properly located in consultation with the Ghanaian community in Libya.


  1. The Ghana people are suffering a humanitarian crises at Tripoli airport. We have been in contact with Ghana freinds who have hidden in their house for 7 days with very little food. They have now been at Tripoli airport for 4 nights and their health is deteriorating. One of them is very sick. They have been robbed and they keep getting false hope that a plane is comming and do not want to leave the ariport. Are their flights to pick up Ghan apeople at Tripoli ariport. PLEASE HELP your people !!!!


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