The first volume of the Ghana Heritage Book for the Diaspora was launched in Toronto, Canada by the Ghana State Book Project on Sunday, August 12, 2018.

The function which was held at the Toronto Plaza Hotel at Jane/Wilson area to coincide with the launching of the Ghanaian Canadian Heritage Center was hosted by the Ghana Consulate in Toronto and the Ghanaian Canadian Association of Ontario (GCAO).

Speaking to a cross-section of Ghanaians domiciled in Ontario including professionals, chiefs, ethnic association leaders as well as Pastors, Mr. Isaac Bright Botchwey who is the Coordinator of Ghana State Project explained the mission of his delegation from Ghana which has already visited Europe and the United States of America.

He said that the history of Ghana was first documented by the White. Such ‘attempted’ document was flawed with some gaps and inaccuracies.

Since there could be no proper Heritage without credible documentation, the Ghana State Book Project was established in 2006 in partnership with the National House of Chiefs, The Bureau of Ghana Languages and the National Commission on Culture to document Ghanaian histories and cultural practices of all the Traditional Areas across all the regions in Ghana.

Mr. Botchwey then asked, “why is the Project sending delegation to meet with Ghanaians in the Diaspora?” He went on to give four main reasons to answer the question.

First, the delegation is here to enrol Ghanaians in Diaspora to contribute to the writing of our heritage and be part of its ownership.

Second, there are gaps and conflicts in the narration of some royal family trees. Those of royal lineages who migrated from Ghana to other countries might have been intentionally or accidentally left out of their royal family tree back home. Their names and positions ought to be captured and appropriately recognized so as to fill the gaps and prevent conflicts at the time of their rightful ascension to queenship or kingship back home.

Third, Ghanaians abroad are doing a lot in their fields of endeavour outside Ghana which ought to be documented as part of Ghana’s contributions to the world.

Last but not the least, many Ghanaians born outside Ghana are classified as being in the ‘3rd space’ who must be taught their Ghanaian cultural heritage hence Ghana Heritage Book for the Diaspora!

Honourable Joseph Seshi, the Consul General of Ghana in Toronto, proudly launched the first volume of the book, urging Ghanaians in Toronto who can to support the Ghana State Book Project to achieve success.

Other members of the delegation from the Ghana State Book Project included Naakye Dede Amoakwa I who is the Queen mother of Awutu-Mankissim and also the CEO of Detela Company Limited; and Mr. Daniel Agyeman-Duah who is the Marketing Officer of Detela Company.


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