Our community, at an inflexion point, needs all the brains, resources, talents to take the community to the next level/phase.

Harnessing resources to build The Heritage Center has taken off. Three things need to happen quickly to accelerate

Seed Money needed to acquire properties we have identified
Raise money within our community
Raise money from businesses, philanthropy and government agencies

My message is simply about the second bullet – raise money within our community. On that note, I PLEAD with you – Leader, Member, Chief, Queen Mother, Faith Groups, Youth, OLD etc to come to the GALA Fund Raising event ….November 24th , 2018. We have EARLY BIRDS tickets of $80.00 towards this event. Come To The Event and Learn More About The Project.

PLEASE –Associations Sponsor a Table of 10; Churches A table of 20

Just Imagine a Heritage Center with the following facilities: It Can Be Done !!
Conference Hall.
Education – Homework, Mentoring.
Gymn and Sporting Court – Basketball, Football, Exercises etc .
Seniors Recreation Center.
Library Focusing on Diasporans, Our Heritage, Traditions, Culture, Language
Businesses and Leadership Orientation wing.
Newcomers /New Immigrants.
Youth Development.
Women Issues.

Emmanuel C. Duodu

President – Ghanaian Canadian Association of Ontario (GCAO) aka Ghana Union


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