From: Stephen A.Quaye, Toronto-Canada.

For a couple of weeks now, the house of Nana Dabanka Sarkodie Bandoh [Korosa], former Asantefuohene of Toronto, has been filled with deep sorrow grieve, dirges and wailing because Nana has gone to the ancestral village.

Since history has it that no chief pays a visit to the ancestral village and returns to meet his beloved family, other chiefs and his subjects, it is also believed that Nana Sarkodie Bandoh’s claim visit to the ancestral world  has now been termed as “journey of no return”.

That is the reason why beloved family members, friends and the entire Ghanaian community in and outside Toronto-Canada are mourning Nana Banadoh because he will not return to the land of the living whatsoever again until the end of this world.

Because when such events occurs it creates emotional stress, pain, worry and sadness for both bereaved families and friends, it is always encouraging to console those who have lost their most beloved member to the ancestral kingdom.

As Ghanaians and fellow Christians, it bestows on us to sympathize with the bereaved family members as they put in place plans to successfully keep the flesh of the not returning chief as his soul is believed to be in safe hands with the ancestors.

As part of efforts to console the bereaved families, we eulogizes Nana’s social life to encourage them to stand firm in this hard moments by paying visits to the family and the Widow from time to time.

Therefore it was not out of place when Ghana Methodist Church of Toronto’s Men Fellowship, after church service on Sunday November 7, 2010 went in droves to console the widow Madam Victoria Bandoh and her children as well as the bereaved family in Toronto.

Leading the members to deliver short consolation  message, Brother Ebenezer Aceampong, reminded the bereaved family to remain steadfast in the lord who give and take and even if he has taken our beloved Nana from us he knows what is good for himself and does it at the right time.

He consoled the Widow by saying Jesus reminded Christians when being taken up to heaven that he was going to prepare a place for us and when  he finishes will come back to take  us there, a house not built with hands forever.

“We are mourning because our beloved Nana Colosa as we used to popularly called him has been taken away from us by God but we have to also thank God for his life and trust in him that he is giving him a place to rest after trials and tribulations on this earth” he assured.

Brother Ebenezer Acheampong, reminded all that if death is not painful like Jesus would not have trusted his mother Mary into the care of John one of his disciples and John to Mary by saying,” Mother here is your son, son here is your mother for them to be able to console each other as he was going to leave their midst” adding this teaches us that we have to console one another when in morning our lost ones.

Both Brother  Charles Koffie, Vice Chairman, Ghana Methodist Church of Toronto Men’s Fellowship and Brother Ayison, Steward of Calvary Methodist United Church, assured the bereaved family of the societies support in successfully interning the body of the late chief.

However, because the late chief was a member of the Methodist Men’s Fellowship, members have agreed to wear their blue black suits with blue shirt with the blue black tie to march for the Friday November 19, whiles the shirt changes from blue to white on Saturday November 20 at the church service.

For further enquiries please call Nana Ohene Aboagye on 1-647-746 4211.



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