unGhana will host this year’s UN World Tourism Organization Day which starts from the 21st-27th September.  The day is celebrated annually to create awareness among the international community of the importance of tourism and its social, cultural and economic values.  At the 17th Session of the Organization’s General Assembly in 2007, Ghana was elected for the first time to the Executive Council and also offered the position of the 2nd Vice Chairman of the Executive Council.

Ghana’s track record and pioneering role in the international arena and the African Union contributed to her selection as host of the event.  This year’s celebration focuses on the importance of Tourism and Globalization.  It will also highlight the job opportunities that tourism creates in many industries such as agriculture, manufacturing and the retail trade.  Focus will also be on other components of tourism businesses such as guide services, transport, entertainment, accommodation, photography.

As part of preparations towards the successful hosting of the event, a National Planning Committee has been instituted by the Ministry of Tourism to come out with a comprehensive implementation programme.  Some of the major benefits of hosting the event include boosting the country’s international image, increasing tourist arrival in order to add to balance of payments and Gross Domestic Product and strengthen the country’s resolve to become the Gateway to Africa.

Other activities lined up for the celebration are Tourism Conference, Communication Workshop,  Forum on sustainable Tourism to Eliminate Poverty, Ghana Gala Night-Exposure of Ghanaian music, dance, fashion and cuisine, regional celebrations and a message from the UNWTO Secretary General to the world.

Source: GBC NEWS


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