abigail ghanacanadians….as she moves to Vancouver to continue treatment there.
On Sunday, August 7, 2016 some representatives from the Ghanaian community in Toronto met with the mother (Madam Agatha Baffour) and the aunte (Gertrude Frempong) of Abigail Bafowaah, the Ghanaian foreign student in Canada who is in dire need of money to pay for her cancer treatment in Canada. They represented a cash donation of about thirty thousand dollars to Abigail as she moves to Vancouver-British Columbia to continue with her cancer treatment in the province where she is registered as a foreign student.

The presentation took place at the Sankofa Radio in the studios of Canadian Multicultural Radio (CMR FM 101.3) in Toronto.

Making the presentation on behalf of the community, Mr Nyame of the New Era Grocery Store in Toronto prayed that God will continue to touch the hearts of Ghanaians and Canadians as well to continue to donate money to the fundraiser for the cure of Abigail’s cancer. He said, “we thank God that according to the doctors treating Abigail her type of cancer (leukaemia) is curable. And we all need to play our part in realizing the amount of $250,000.00 needed for the cure!”

The mother of Abigail, Madam Agatha Baffour who traveled all the way from Ghana to Toronto two weeks ago to support her daughter as she receives treatment in Canada, was full of praises to God and the Ghanaian community in their support of her daughter (Abigail) so far. She asked God to bless all those who have given money, time and prayers to help Abigail and, those who have plans to do the same soon. Madam Baffour also gave special thanks to Gertrude Frempong (aunte of Abigail) and her husband who are Toronto residents for housing and caring for Abigail in her crucial time of need.

Others present at the presentation were Emmanuel Duodu who is the Executive Secretary of the Ghanaian Canadian Association of Ontario (GCAO); Messers Appiah Kubi, Stephen Agyekumhene and Adom of Sankofa Radio; Jefferson Sackey of Afroglobal Television based in Toronto; Joe Eyiah of the Ghanaian News-a versatile community newspaper based in Toronto; Elder Amoh of the Pentecost Church; and Dr Ekuban who is a herbalist as well as a well-wisher of Abigail. Ghanaian churches and cultural associations in Toronto which contributed to the donation presented so far include:

1. Christian Hope Ministry Int. -$400.00 2. Christ Redeemer Church -$500.00 3. Ghana Calvary Methodist -$1,000.00 4. Apostles Continuation Church -$2,000.00 5. Toronto Ghanaian SDA Church-$5,000.00 6. Pentecost Church, Canada -$16,000.00 (the Church will also contribute $500 every month for one year towards the accommodation for Abigail and her mom in Vancouver as she continues to receive treatment there)

7. Brong Ahafo Cultural Association-$1,000.00

It is hoped that other churches, associations and individuals will donate to helpAbigail’s fund soon.

There has been the screening of Abigail’s story on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Television in Toronto. Local media in Toronto which are vigorously promoting the fundraising for Abigail’s treatment are Ghanaian News (both newspaper and radio) and the Sankofa Radio.

The new television station in Canada, the AFROGLOBAL TELEVISION has also telecast Abigail’s story around the world in its JSR Program. It would appeal for funds for Abigail’s cancer treatment! Go to: www.gofundme.com/helpabigail03 and donate to help fund Abigail’s cancer treatment. God bless all!


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