oscar-brimpongHis passion and desire to make a difference in the lives of people is incomparable. His works are impacting Africans both at home and in the diaspora, the youth across the globe, and the world at large.

Oscar Bimpong is a Multi Award Winner, Transformational Speaker, CEO of Train2inspire Consultancy and a Business Consultant.

His most recent award which is his second in barely a year was organized by African Calabash Magazine in conjunction with Africa Calabash Awards, which was held at the prestigious Park Plaza Hotel in London. Oscar was recognized as an unsung hero for his dedication and contribution to Education and Media Works.

In terms of Education, Oscar is doing a lot to help people to make informed decisions. He is the brain behind the International Final Year Students Summit (iFYSS) where he goes to Colleges and Universities to impact the lives of students.

iFYSS is about managing the expectations of final year students and exposing the realities of life upon completion.

He also has the youth at heart where he has designed an online platform dubbed T2i Youth Mentorship, which he defines as the ‘University of Life’. In that light, University of Life is about teaching the youth the very things critical to their success in life they may never have been taught or never had much of an opportunity to learn or experience in their formal education.

The customized online programme is available not only to prospective graduates but to the general public.

Oscar is also starting a new monthly seminar in Croydon, London dubbed ‘StepOut’, which is about bringing the best out of people and to help them focus on their goals for the month.

In relation to his media works, Oscar believes his generation is privileged to have Social Media, which has a huge capacity to sell our ideologies to the world.

Over the last two years, he has sent inspirational nuggets in the name of Inspirational Wisdom for Today (IWFT) every single day of the week without fail. IWFT is practical and a mindset changer, which is aimed at pushing you from your comfortable zone to an uncomfortable environment where your breakthrough awaits.

He is currently the host of the Footprints Radio Talk Show at Starr Radio UK, which is about inspiring our generation to achieve their dreams in life. Oscar believes at any stage in life, there must be a paradigm shift to help move to the next level.

The Footprints Radio Talk Show is aired live on the Tunein App every Thursday at 7pm UK time.

I asked Oscar all what he desires to achieve with all that he is doing, and his answer was just amazing. He said as God gave us unique DNA and fingerprints, he has in the same way given us unique gifts and talents.

Therefore, his mission is to help people identify that uniqueness, nurture it and use it as a tool to make a difference in the lives of others and also to create wealth. He added that every gift is a seed but within it is an empire.

I believe Oscar has a clear vision to impact lives, stir minds to do exploits, and to also establish the “can do” spirit in people.

I do believe such people need the support to continue to do what they love doing and change lives in the process.

Credentials of Oscar Bimpong:
Transformational Speaker, Business Consultant & CEO of Train2inspire Consultancy


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