Ghanaian associations in Canada over the weekend held various social events to mark the long civic statutory holiday in Toronto.
More important among the social events was picnic for association members and non- members in the Ghanaian community across Greater Toronto Area to fraternize.

Among the Ghanaian Resident Associations in GTA who held the picnic were Ga Adangbe Association of Toronto and Asante Akyem Association of Toronto which held their picnic at Molton Park.

The Okuapeman Association of Toronto held their picnic at Ross Park whiles the Ewe Union also held theirs at a particular greenly park in Mississauga the same day.

Ghanaians in North America have been identified as hard working people who take up various lines of duty to live a responsible life.
Therefore when the opportunity such as the civic long holiday came, they made good use of it by organizing social events such as the picnic for members in the community to relax and have fun.

At various picnics, sumptuous Ghanaian dishes such as Aboboi and Tataley, Tuo Zaafi, Banku, Kenkey, Fufu, Konkontey and groundnut soup, Akple and fried fish popularly called in Ghana “Keta School boys” and many more dishes were served to the delight and satisfaction of all attendants.

More to the delight of members outside the Ghanaian community was the skillful dance of Boboobo, Agbadsa, Kpalogo, Adowa, Kete to the joy of all.
The joy of some members in seeing their friends whom they lost contact of knew no bounds as they embraced and shared their travel experiences and jokes once in their life time.

Dignified Ghanaian women exhibited their catering skills by cooking and frying all sorts of food that fed the large gathering at various picnics.
Whiles the distinguished men also exhibited their skills in throwing some barbecue meant onto the griller for all to enjoy to their satisfaction.
It was all cheers when it came to the playing of music and dance ,yes it was a therapy for those who were having some waist pains as they buggy all long.


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