A MESSAGE FROM THE GHANAIAN CANADIAN ASSOCIATION OF  ONTARIO (GCAO)On behalf of the GCAO, we would like to express our profound gratitude and thanks to you all for your participation at this year’s Independence Celeberation

We are exceptionally  thankful to our youth brigades from SDA and Methodist churches for a marvelous job they did. It was just spectacular and beautiful. Their enthusiasm and the flawless execution is a testament to the evolving Ghanaian identity of our youth. Well done!!

The synchronized melody and voices of Presbyterian and SDA choir and the Toronto Methodist Circuit Choir were just the icing on the cake for the evening…Bravo!!

Yes of course, we will remiss without mentioning the beautiful regalia of our Chiefs and Queenmothers. They were beautiful and supberb. Great job!!

Our appreciation goes to the contingent of our Clergy from the number of churches and we are grateful for your continous spiritual, moral and logistics support

Thanks so much to the cultural associations who attended and contributed to this event and for their support

We thank our community here in Toronto who displayed a beautiful Northern  Ghana outfit….Thank You!!

Thank you so much for your donations for the event, your time and above all your prayers

What can we say about our MCs. Mr. Adjekumhene and Ms. Diana Dickson…they were fantastic. Great job!! See you all next year.


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